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      Wood wins: wooden rings vs. metal rings

      Wood wins: wooden rings vs. metal rings

       When it comes to choosing the right ring for  you or a loved one, there are seemingly  countless choices. When someone thinks  about rings, they most likely think of metal  rings. Yet, there is a unique alternative to the  typical metal ring: a wooden ring. Wood rings  are environmentally friendly, unique, and comfortable, especially with the creative designs offered by My Roots Wood Jewelry. These wood rings are sure to make you feel good about how your choice of a ring feels and looks on your finger as well as how it affects the environment.

      The Eco-Friendly Choice

      The metal for countless metal rings must be extracted through intrusive mining techniques. These techniques often leave the environment torn up and make it difficult for plants to grow for many years to come. In addition to plant growth, mines have been known to cause damage to the wildlife by contaminating water and eroding habitats. The eco-friendly choice for a ring is one made of a renewable resource—wood. Wood is easily accessible and does not require a whole tree to be cut down just to make a ring. My Roots Wood Jewelry only uses small amounts of wood because their rings are hand crafted, not mass produced, which minimizes any negative environmental impacts. My Roots Wood Jewelry offers an environmentally healthy alternative to rings made of other materials.

      The Uniqueness of Wooden Rings

         Many metal rings today are produced in large quantities, each one looking exactly like the other. On the other hand, at My Roots Wood Jewelry, each ring is handcrafted as hours are spent bending the wood and then crafting it into circular pieces of wearable art. The rings are made with a variety of woods including sapele, maple, pear, ebony, and koa wood. Each different wood has a unique grain. Some swoop around the ring in thin lines, others look like thin dashes that line the ring and give it texture. No two grain patterns are the same, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind wood ring.

      My Roots Wood Jewelry takes this uniqueness to the next level by offering rings inlaid with various minerals, giving the rings extra color and design. You can be taken to the mountains by gazing down at your ring and seeing malachite inlaid into koa wood in the intricate design of a  mountain ridge, or a ring where the rich brown color of koa wood is contrasted with blue turquoise in the shape of waves that can help you escape to the sea even when you’re landlocked.

      The Comfort of Wood Rings

      In addition to being eco-friendly and unique, wood rings are extremely comfortable. The edges of the rings are polished and sanded, allowing your fingers to naturally fit together while wearing your ring. Wood is also considerably lighter than metal, so it won’t weigh down your finger as you go about your daily activities. My Roots Wood Jewelry’s wood rings are built to last—the wood is layered to add strength. Thus, wood rings provide an added layer of comfort without sacrificing durability.  


      Whether you choose a simple pure wood ring that highlights the beauty of the wood’s natural design or you decide a ring inlaid with elegant minerals, My Roots Wood Jewelry’s wooden rings are sure to stand out from other rings and be a stylish yet elegant addition to your jewelry collection.