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The 7 Most Unique Anniversary Rings For A Special Gift

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 Looking for the perfect anniversary ring to showcase your unique love? And to celebrate this special milestone? Great news! You have come to the perfect place! Here are the top 7 most unique anniversary rings, perfect for a special gift. This is the perfect way to display the love you have for your significant other, a unique anniversary ring that represents all that you have endured, created and continue to live for. Look through our 7 most unique anniversary rings to find a special gift for your special person. 

Why Unique Anniversary Rings Make a Special Gift

An anniversary ring not only represents the special, strong and loving bond between two people, but marks the journey you have started, lived and created with the love of your life. It also signifies the journey you have ahead of you. As you are searching for the perfect anniversary ring, consider what could set you apart from so many other anniversary rings out there and why something unique would be important?

Unique anniversary rings make a special gift because although it may simply be a piece of jewelry, what it represents, is where it counts the most. Your love is unique and special, so why not have a ring that reflects that same significance? An anniversary is not a celebration you take lightly, it is an event that celebrates endurance, joy, happiness and commitment. Having a unique anniversary ring can pull all those vital keys together into one piece of jewelry, that can keep you connected to your loved one forever. 

Things to Consider When Ring Shopping

Searching for the perfect ring can be stressful, but don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are a few things to consider when ring shopping.


Rings come in all shapes and sizes, but you want to think about thickness and comfort. Slimmer options tend to lean more towards a feminine or slicker look, while thicker options are more manly and rustic. Also, take into consideration how comfortable you want the ring to be, after all, it will be on there forever. 

Colors and Designs

Think about what colors and designs best portray you or the reason why you are buying this ring. 


There are a range of options when it comes to ring shopping. Look for something that is durable, trendy and different. 


You want to stand out and be different. Take into consideration, what ring will best represent you and your uniqueness. Search for something that can make you feel individualized and special.

These features all play an integral part when considering what rings to shop for. 

The 7 Most Unique Anniversary Rings

Searching for the perfect anniversary ring will be a breeze once you look through what the 7 most unique anniversary rings are. No need to worry, stress or fuss. It is all here, in one spot, just for you to make it simple and easy to give that special someone a special something, representing your unique love.   

1. Vintage Wedding Band

Vintage wedding bands are making a comeback! If you are looking for an eclectic and acquired look, vintage wedding bands are the way to go. From ravish designs and exquisite patterns, vintage wedding bands can easily have you standing out from the rest. Here are 26 different vintage wedding bands you might like.

2. Meteorite Ring

Looking for a rare material? Meteorite rings are your best choice. Meteorite rings are made with a rare metal that can have a higher market value than gold, yet still at a decent price. The most unique thing about them is they can be completely personalized with a meteorite inlay, making it your own. Check out this comprehensive guide for more insight if considering a meteorite ring.

3. Koa and Lavender Mountain Ring

Koa and lavender mountain rings steal the third spot on this list as one of the most unique anniversary rings out there today. These rings are handmade, durable and completely environmentally friendly. Not only do these rings stand out, but they have a unique inlay of genuine lavender flowers that complement the natural beauty brown tones and hues of koa wood. Here is one of our most favorite Koa and Lavender Mountain Rings.

4. Classic Hammered / Weathered Stone Ring

Classic hammered or weathered stone rings are incredibly unique as they are closely reminiscent to how rings were originally handcrafted. Every ring is completely different from the next and are mostly made from age-old golds or silver metals, with the addition of durable metals. Every ring is so different because it can be made from a variety of metals as well as styles. Click here for more insight on classic hammered rings and tips of how to shop them.

5. Koa and Sun Ring

Completely handcrafted with koa wood, koa and sun rings take on a very minimalist look on natural jewelry. Staying close to its natural beauty, the koa and sun ring has a special inlay of brass powder, representing the sun in a subtle yet stunning way. If you want to represent strength, nature in a minimalistic and classy way, choose this koa and sun ring

6. Personalized Rings

You can’t get more unique than personalizing your very own ring. You give yourself the option to choose size, color, metal, design, pattern and even inscriptions to go onto the ring. If you are looking to fine tune and choose every detail for a unique ring, personalized rings are the perfect option for you.


7. Koa & Malachite Waves Ring

Using all natural and durable materials to create stunning natural jewelry, the koa and malachite waves ring combines koa wood and turquoise malachite stone in a beautiful way. Because the malachite stone has so many variations, each ring is unique in shade, design and shimmer, automatically having you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here is one of our most favorite koa and malachite wave rings.

There you have it! Seven unique anniversary rings that can leave your significant other feeling special and over the moon. Make sure you don’t leave your loved one waiting around for that special gift to celebrate your significant milestone.


Don't Wait to Get Your Anniversary Ring

Celebrating an anniversary isn’t just one event that you celebrate, it is a constant reminder of the love and life you have created with your significant other. You want to be reminded by this love every single day of your life, and what better way to do that than commemorating this grand milestone with a unique anniversary ring? Honor and celebrate your loved one with this special gift so they know just how special they are too.