The Protector in 8mm The Protector in 8mmOn Sale
$356.00 $475.00
The Protector in Tourmaline The Protector in TourmalineOn Sale
$356.00 $475.00
wooden ring with malachite wave wooden ring with malachite waveOn Sale
$356.00 $475.00
The Protector in 5mm The Protector in 5mmOn Sale
$356.00 $475.00
The Nomad The NomadOn Sale
$356.00 $475.00
Double Lavender Double LavenderOn Sale
$312.00 $445.00
Malachite & Medium Koa Malachite & Medium KoaOn Sale
$312.00 $445.00
Malachite & Light Koa On Maple Malachite & Light Koa On MapleOn Sale
$312.00 $445.00
wooden ring with malachite stone wooden ring with malachite stoneOn Sale
$356.00 $475.00
Malachite & Light Koa Malachite & Light KoaOn Sale
$312.00 $445.00
Koa & Sun in Malachite Koa & Sun in MalachiteOn Sale
$256.00 $366.00
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Malachite Engagement and Wedding Rings – Handmade and Crafted to Durable Waterproof Finish

For a woman, jewelry pieces are always close to her heart and she wishes to add something unique and antique to jewelry box every time. Expressing your love and affection to your partner with a unique jewelry piece will be the best way of making her smile bigger. We at MyRoot jewelry understand the importance of such unique pieces. We bring to you Malachite stone rings and Malachite engagement/wedding rings in crafted to a durable waterproof finish.

Malachite stone rings – whether you are buying engagement ring or wedding ring, are hand-made. In each ring, vibrant Malachite stone is carefully inlaid by hand to each design and crafted to a durable waterproof finish. All are unique in grain pattern, but consistent in their natural and unstained colors. 

MyRoot Jewelry Offers an Exclusive Range of Malachite Engagement Ring Malachite Rings for Women

The classy range of Malachite engagement ring is now available for you in a different sizes that you can get delivered right to your address according to your finger type and for your partner, whom you want to present something unique to express your love. MyRoot Jewelry offers you an exclusive range of Malachite engagement rings and Malachite ring for women – available in various sizes, unique designs and styles. 

Present the Classy Band of Vibrant Malachite Stone – Inlaid by Hand to Each Design 

We have an exclusive range of Malachite wedding rings too – designed specifically for the grand occasion and to make your partner’s smile bigger. We have classy pieces of Malachite stone rings that are ranging from malachite & dark Koa to malachite & Light Koa and from Koa & Malachite waves to double Malachite. We also offer gift cards to help you in presenting the classy ring to someone close to your heart.

Vibrant malachite stone carefully inlaid by hand to each design.  Each crafted to a durable, waterproof finish. All are unique in grain pattern but consistent in their natural,  unstained color.