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Womens Wooden Rings

Who says women can't wear wooden rings? Women have been confined to dainty, metal, diamond-based jewelry. However, those trends are changing, women are beginning to express and spoil themselves in a range of different ways. Women are always searching for new, fun, stylish and trendy jewelry to flaunt and show off. Our wooden rings for women provide just that!

Most wooden rings are bulky in size, too masculine and really just not feminine in any way. That is until our women’s wooden rings collection gets in front of you. Women’s wooden rings can lack in style, individuality, feminism, and design. However, the women’s wooden rings we have handmade and created, include everything you are looking for.

What sets us apart from other women’s wooden rings? Well, let’s break it down for you. First, absolutely all wooden rings are handcrafted with love and care, meaning every single ring is going to be unlike any other, just like you.

Second, just as much as we care about you getting the wooden ring of your dreams, we find importance in taking great care of our environment that we live in. All rings are made from 100% reclaimed wood, pretty cool right?

Third, our women’s wooden ring collection provides a range of selected styles, designs, patterns, colors, and most importantly sizes. This means, you are going to have a huge selection to choose from, that will best suit and fit your desires of a perfect wooden ring. Slim, wide, colorful, plain, or classic, you name it, we have it.

We know you deserve a wooden ring that can express how you feel and most importantly be created to display and reflect how different, unique, and special you are. So, who says women can’t wear wooden rings? That they are too manly? Not us! We know we have created a women’s wooden ring that can hit every feature and want you need, to make you feel trendy, stylish, and most importantly a strong feminine woman.