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Unveiling the Magic: How Your Wooden Promise Ring is Crafted

Unveiling the Magic: How Your Wooden Promise Ring is Crafted


Looking for a unique and meaningful promise ring? Look no further than our stunning wooden turquoise rings! But have you ever wondered how these little works of art are made? Today, we'll take you on a journey to discover the meticulous process and artistry behind each wooden  promise ring.

  1. Selecting the Perfect Wood: 

Our journey begins with selecting the finest wood veneer, boasting exquisite grain and color variations. We then steam the wood to make it pliable, allowing it to be flawlessly shaped into your wooden promise ring.

  1. Building a Strong Foundation:

Thin layers of this beautiful steamed veneer are meticulously rolled and secured with a powerful adhesive. This step not only forms the base of your ring but also strengthens the wood by filling its pores, ensuring long-lasting durability for your wooden ring.

  1. Shaping Perfection:

The ring takes center stage on a lathe, where a skilled artisan transforms it into a perfect circle. The exterior is meticulously shaped and smoothened, creating the ideal canvas for the upcoming artistry.

  1. Where Design Meets Wood:

Now comes the artistic flair! The design you choose is meticulously carved onto the outer layer of the wood. This two-step process starts with establishing the general form, followed by meticulous refining, and smoothing for a clean surface to place the inlay.

  1. The Allure of Gemstones:

Here's where your chosen gemstone comes into play! Using precision tweezers, each piece is meticulously placed to flawlessly fill the carved design. We start with larger stones, creating a captivating mosaic effect.

  • A Symphony of Texture: Following the larger stones, medium-sized gemstone pieces are used to fill any gaps, ensuring a consistent and visually pleasing texture. The process concludes with a final layer of very fine "sandy" gemstone, filling in the tiniest of spaces for a design brimming with vibrant color and captivating texture.
  1. A Seamless Union:

A diamond grinder meticulously flattens the turquoise surface, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the wood. This step requires a delicate touch to avoid damaging the wood. When done right, the design outline becomes beautifully defined, highlighting the artistry.

  1. The Art of Precision Sanding:

Before the finishing touch, both the inner and outer surfaces of the ring undergo meticulous sanding. This step removes any dust from the inlay process and ensures a perfectly smooth surface for your wooden promise ring. Precision is key here, as there's no turning back after the finish is applied.

  1. Layers of Protection:

The same powerful adhesive used to strengthen the wood now serves as the finish. Multiple thin layers are meticulously applied and cured completely before adding the next, ensuring exceptional protection and a flawless shine for your wood ring. The number of layers varies depending on the location for optimal coverage.

  1. Polishing to Perfection:

After allowing the finish to cure, the polishing magic begins! We meticulously buff and polish the ring, starting with the edges, then the inside, and finally the outside. A series of sanding pads, starting coarse and progressing to an ultra-fine 12000 grit, achieve a remarkably smooth and gleaming surface that highlights the beauty of the wood and turquoise.

  1. The Final Touch:

A protective wax coating is applied to the outer layer, providing a touch of satin sheen and safeguarding the adhesive layers for long-lasting wear on your wooden promise ring.

And there you have it! Your unique wooden turquoise promise ring is complete, handcrafted with passion and ready to be a cherished piece for years to come. Would you like to see our collection and find your perfect wooden promise ring?

The 7 Most Unique Anniversary Rings For A Special Gift

anniversary rings on stick

 Looking for the perfect anniversary ring to showcase your unique love? And to celebrate this special milestone? Great news! You have come to the perfect place! Here are the top 7 most unique anniversary rings, perfect for a special gift. This is the perfect way to display the love you have for your significant other, a unique anniversary ring that represents all that you have endured, created and continue to live for. Look through our 7 most unique anniversary rings to find a special gift for your special person. 

Why Unique Anniversary Rings Make a Special Gift

An anniversary ring not only represents the special, strong and loving bond between two people, but marks the journey you have started, lived and created with the love of your life. It also signifies the journey you have ahead of you. As you are searching for the perfect anniversary ring, consider what could set you apart from so many other anniversary rings out there and why something unique would be important?

Unique anniversary rings make a special gift because although it may simply be a piece of jewelry, what it represents, is where it counts the most. Your love is unique and special, so why not have a ring that reflects that same significance? An anniversary is not a celebration you take lightly, it is an event that celebrates endurance, joy, happiness and commitment. Having a unique anniversary ring can pull all those vital keys together into one piece of jewelry, that can keep you connected to your loved one forever. 

Things to Consider When Ring Shopping

Searching for the perfect ring can be stressful, but don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are a few things to consider when ring shopping.


Rings come in all shapes and sizes, but you want to think about thickness and comfort. Slimmer options tend to lean more towards a feminine or slicker look, while thicker options are more manly and rustic. Also, take into consideration how comfortable you want the ring to be, after all, it will be on there forever. 

Colors and Designs

Think about what colors and designs best portray you or the reason why you are buying this ring. 


There are a range of options when it comes to ring shopping. Look for something that is durable, trendy and different. 


You want to stand out and be different. Take into consideration, what ring will best represent you and your uniqueness. Search for something that can make you feel individualized and special.

These features all play an integral part when considering what rings to shop for. 

The 7 Most Unique Anniversary Rings

Searching for the perfect anniversary ring will be a breeze once you look through what the 7 most unique anniversary rings are. No need to worry, stress or fuss. It is all here, in one spot, just for you to make it simple and easy to give that special someone a special something, representing your unique love.   

1. Vintage Wedding Band

Vintage wedding bands are making a comeback! If you are looking for an eclectic and acquired look, vintage wedding bands are the way to go. From ravish designs and exquisite patterns, vintage wedding bands can easily have you standing out from the rest. Here are 26 different vintage wedding bands you might like.

2. Meteorite Ring

Looking for a rare material? Meteorite rings are your best choice. Meteorite rings are made with a rare metal that can have a higher market value than gold, yet still at a decent price. The most unique thing about them is they can be completely personalized with a meteorite inlay, making it your own. Check out this comprehensive guide for more insight if considering a meteorite ring.

3. Koa and Lavender Mountain Ring

Koa and lavender mountain rings steal the third spot on this list as one of the most unique anniversary rings out there today. These rings are handmade, durable and completely environmentally friendly. Not only do these rings stand out, but they have a unique inlay of genuine lavender flowers that complement the natural beauty brown tones and hues of koa wood. Here is one of our most favorite Koa and Lavender Mountain Rings.

4. Classic Hammered / Weathered Stone Ring

Classic hammered or weathered stone rings are incredibly unique as they are closely reminiscent to how rings were originally handcrafted. Every ring is completely different from the next and are mostly made from age-old golds or silver metals, with the addition of durable metals. Every ring is so different because it can be made from a variety of metals as well as styles. Click here for more insight on classic hammered rings and tips of how to shop them.

5. Koa and Sun Ring

Completely handcrafted with koa wood, koa and sun rings take on a very minimalist look on natural jewelry. Staying close to its natural beauty, the koa and sun ring has a special inlay of brass powder, representing the sun in a subtle yet stunning way. If you want to represent strength, nature in a minimalistic and classy way, choose this koa and sun ring

6. Personalized Rings

You can’t get more unique than personalizing your very own ring. You give yourself the option to choose size, color, metal, design, pattern and even inscriptions to go onto the ring. If you are looking to fine tune and choose every detail for a unique ring, personalized rings are the perfect option for you.


7. Koa & Malachite Waves Ring

Using all natural and durable materials to create stunning natural jewelry, the koa and malachite waves ring combines koa wood and turquoise malachite stone in a beautiful way. Because the malachite stone has so many variations, each ring is unique in shade, design and shimmer, automatically having you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here is one of our most favorite koa and malachite wave rings.

There you have it! Seven unique anniversary rings that can leave your significant other feeling special and over the moon. Make sure you don’t leave your loved one waiting around for that special gift to celebrate your significant milestone.


Don't Wait to Get Your Anniversary Ring

Celebrating an anniversary isn’t just one event that you celebrate, it is a constant reminder of the love and life you have created with your significant other. You want to be reminded by this love every single day of your life, and what better way to do that than commemorating this grand milestone with a unique anniversary ring? Honor and celebrate your loved one with this special gift so they know just how special they are too. 


Top 9 Unique Mens Wedding Bands & How to Choose The One

couple showing unique mens wedding band on hand

Why Search for a Unique Mens Wedding Band?

When a bride and groom decide to get married, the women’s wedding ring completely dominates the ring game. It’s almost as if the man’s wedding ring is an afterthought. This is absolutely absurd. A man’s wedding ring should be unique as he is and should also reflect and represent the special commitment between him and his soon to be bride - So make sure to pick something unique that is special for him. 

Understand the Different Material Options

Some of the most popular wedding band materials include the following; platinum, Gold, palladium, zirconium, wood, cobalt-chrome and tungsten carbide. The variety of materials allow you to choose between different styles, colors, durability and uniqueness. For example Tungsten carbide is a ceramic that has an extremely high melting point that makes it surface scratch-resistant. Platinum is also more dense than its gold counterpart and therefore, more durable. You could also forgo the traditional metals and opt in for a more rustic wedding band look, encapsulating different shades of brown with unique handcrafted Wood wedding rings.  Being made of wood they are organic and tend to be more affordable than their metal ring alternatives and definitely make for a unique mens wedding band. 

How Do You Choose The Right One?

There are a lot of options out there that can make choosing the right wedding band harder than it needs to be.  Here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right wedding band for your man. A few things to keep top of mind would be the material, style, color, width, durability and cost. What do you want your wedding band to be made of? How wide do you want it to be? (Width can affect fit and overall look)  Also, what color and style would best fit his style? Does he prefer a rustic look and feel or does he gravitate more toward an elegant and sleek look and feel? A great recommendation would be to also ask him and see if he already has a preference for a specific type of wedding band. If he’s like most men he might need some help along the way.  Checkout our top 9 unique mens wedding bands for a better idea of the most popular and unique wedding bands available today.

The Top 9 Unique Mens Wedding Bands

1. Elysium

Elysium’s popularity as an option for a men's wedding band is on the rise, as of recent, and it's understandable why. Because it's made of 100% diamond, it inherently is one of the most durable rings in the market. It’s essentially scratch proof and will never fade, dull, or change color. One of the best upsides to Elysium is that it is hypoallergenic, super lightweight and comfortable requiring no special care. Its durability does come with a hefty price tag and an average Elysium ring can range anywhere from $1000 to $8000. You can learn more about Elysium here.

2. Damascus

Damascus made wedding bands steal the #2 spot on this list. Its fashion statement look has definitely played a major role in its recent high demand trend.  Damascus steel is made from combining two different types of stainless steel together by twisting and folding the two metals. Because Damascus is made of steel, it is a very durable wedding band option. The combining of the two metals also create a one of a kind look, mimicking that of wood. The only thing to consider with Damascus steel is that rusting can occur when exposed to salt water and harsh chemicals. Read this comprehensive guide to learn more about the pro’s and con’s of Damascus made wedding rings.

3. Mexican Campitos Turquoise Stone

The Mexican Campitos Turquoise Stone makes a great fit for a unique wedding band for your man - it’s truly one of a kind. The Mexican Campitos turquoise stone is mined in Sonora, Mexico and resembles medium light blues of the ocean. The Mexican Campitos turquoise stone is unique because it is found in nugget form in soil rather than in rock veins and it has no matrix. This turquoise stone is crushed and sieved and is incorporated as inlays into exceptional wedding band designs. You can find it paired with different metals but we think the blue tones of the stone pop best when paired with wood. Wood is a great alternative to metal because it is definitely unique for a wedding band but it is also fashionable and catches the eye. Here is our most favorite Mexican Campitos Turquoise Stone Ring.

4. Meteorite

Meteorite rings are another great option for a unique wedding band. They are so unique they are actually made from the Gibeon Meteor found in Namibia, South Africa in 1838. This meteor was formed by metals that were heated at extreme temperatures and cooled over a 4 billion year time frame. It's said that this cooling process is what contributes to its crystalline structure that resembles that of gemstones. How more unique of a wedding band can you get right? Average meteorite rings can range from $1000 to $2000. Check out this complete guide for more insight if considering a meteorite ring.

5. Carbon Fiber

That's right! Carbon fiber rings cracked this list at the #5 spot. The versatility in designs of carbon fiber rings is where you can find truly unique looking wedding bands. Carbon fiber rings are made from organic polymers, where entire wedding bands can be made from it or it is just being used as an inlay for a specific design. It's very customizable and versatile in its use and has been featured in different unique men’s wedding band designs. It's super lightweight, durable and can also be quite cost effective at times. An average carbon fiber wedding band can range anywhere in between $200 and $2,000. Learn more about where you can find the best carbon fiber wedding bands with this in depth directory

6. Malachite Stone

Malachite Stone is, without a doubt,  another great option for a unique wedding band. The malachite stone is one of the oldest that represents life and healing and was anciently used for protection. Its wide array of green tones and hues is what gives its wedding band designs their beautiful look that comes off really fashionable and stylish. This stone is another that pairs best with the brown tones of natural wood. Here is our most favorite Malachite Stone Ring.

7. Personalized (sports teams, etc.)

Another unique wedding band option is getting a personalized sport or sport teams band. If your man loves baseball or football, surprise him with the most unique wedding band of all. This type of wedding band will allow him to put his passion on full display and truly have his ring be an extension of his personality. You can find these personalized unique wedding bands made out of a variety of different materials like silicone and titanium. If this option resonates with you, make sure to familiarize yourself with this guide in knowing how to best design and personalize the perfect wedding band for your man. 

8. Tungsten

Tungsten is a great unique selection for a wedding band as well. Like platinum, tungsten is a very heavy ring that is extremely durable and scratch resistant. There is a wide variety of inlay designs incorporating gold, rose gold, opal, mokume and turquoise elements that land it on this list of unique mens wedding bands. Like other extremely hard metals they are prone to breakage and need to be taken cared of. Tungsten bands are relatively affordable and can range anywhere from $150 to $600. 

9. Unique Handcrafted Koa Wood Ring

The Koa Wood Ring wraps up this list of 9 most unique wedding bands for men. Koa wood is a native wood to the islands of Hawaii. Its name Koa, means warrior and it was used for hundreds of years to craft canoes and weapons for the native Hawaiian People. This wood has been essential to the people of Hawaii for centuries. The beautiful grain of the wood along with its different shades of brown give this type of ring its rustic yet fashionable look. Because of the grain variation in the wood, no two rings made of Koa are the same. This is the ideal unique wedding band for your ideal unique partner. Give your man a ring that's as special as him. Here is our most favorite unique handcrafted koa wood ring.

Don't Wait to Order Your Unique Mens Wedding Band

Choosing a wedding band for your man should be an enjoyable experience. Use this guide and our insight, to the 9 most unique mens wedding bands, to help you find something that is not only unique but also something that complements and enhances his style and confidence. Don't Wait to order your unique mens wedding band!