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Tara Kahewaialoha Alder

Aloha My Roots,

I do like the ring I purchased. The purchase process was not as smooth as I prefer. I was able to get the size needs communicated, that was a relief.

I did request expedited production and shipping, that seemed to be a blessing too. However, the cost for speedy delivery was not clear (I paid an invoice for the quoted extra shipping fee, then paid the regular shipping fee twice as I was charge a shipping fee for the shipping fee ~ I can see that fee is automated, but that detail should have been known and accounted for)

The ring it arrived a day after the date it was needed. The date being 1 day off caused big fiasco. We had plans to leave town Friday night after the ring arrived or first thing before sun up the next day. (To ski and present ring on top of mountain) The ring did not get scheduled for delivery until Saturday between 12-6. That created needs to adjust the entire trip and had me regretting expecting the ring to arrive before we left. I wish I would have not expected it to arrive Friday, I would have simply planned for a different surprise rather than believing my communication efforts and extra fees would pay off. Details that had been cared for, would have made big differences.

I appreciate the ring, the makers and the attempts to get me what I had last minute decided to purchase very quickly, thank you! However, it would have been better to plan for its late arrival rather than believing it could be delivered on time.

Also feel I received near half a dozen too many e mails advertising I buy the ring I had just bought and other extra e mails. It made finding the actual important e mails from your company challenging. And it took away from the feeling that I had just found and purchased something special. I felt that my purchase was part of an automated production line. That is fine, I get you are a business, and I had prior misunderstood your representations as being a smaller company.

The ring came out nice. My boyfriend likes it. I appreciate the human e Mail communication to get the size to you and to attempt to accommodate my date needs. Your write ups on meanings for the rings were poetic and emotion evoking. Overall I am pleased with the actual ring.


Just as advertised

I wanted something that reminded me deeply of my fiancé when I proposed, and by and far everyone has agreed this was it :)

Stephanie Runolfsson
I bought this for my husband for our 5th a...

I bought this for my husband for our 5th anniversary. He absolutely loved it!! The ring is beautiful, it is perfectly finished and provides a fun ring option.

Alison Brown1111

Super easy


So beautiful